Kaunas waiting for you

Kaunas waiting for you

Kaunas City is the second largest town in Lithuania and the largest town of the Kaunas County with total population of 306 888 people.

Kaunas is located in the central part of Lithuania on the confluence of the two largest Lithuanian rivers the Nemunas and the Neris, therefore the City has excellent opportunities for the development of water transport. Kaunas is located 100 kilometres from the capital Vilnius and 212 kilometres from the Country’s major seaport Klaipeda.


Kaunas – the Real Taste of Lithuania

The hearth of Lithuanian culture, tradition and history is just waiting to be discovered. You can experience the real taste of Lithuania strolling through the cobbled streets separating the beautiful 16th century buildings scattered along Vilnius street and around Town Hall square, by following in the footsteps of ancient pagans in one of our many parks, and enjoying the mix of modern and traditional shops, cafes and bars on Laisves avenue.

Also basketball is synonymous with Kaunas not only because we held the very first official basketball game in 1922, but also because of the famous Zalgiris team and its NBA superstar Arvydas Sabonis.

Kaunas has plenty for everybody to see and experience. The macabre collection of nearly 3,000 devils at the Devils’ Museum and exhibitions showing the unique artistic styles of composer and painter M.K. Ciurlionis, as well as J. Maciunas originator of the avant-garde Fluxus art movement.

Near the confluence of Lithuania’s two largest rivers the Nemunas and the Neris Kaunas Castle, built in the 14th century towers over the historic Old Town. The Town Hall and the impressive Thunder House are worth visiting.If you need a relax ,  spa centres are full of pleasant senses and harmony. Here you can get a great package of health procedures.

The Kaunas Fortress is a viluable military heritage composed of a number of constructions that used to be a military complex. There are 9 Forts around the city and the IXth Fort serves a museum.

If you wish to see the entire Lithuania at one place visit the open air museum in Rumsiskes with its collection of authentic wooden villages represents different regions of Lithuania: Zemaitija, Aukstaitija, Dzukija, Suvalkija and Lithuania Minor.

We invite you to enjoy our traditional Lithuanian country – side tourism sites and try the Lithuanian food – the fried bread sticks with cheese together with pint of local light, dark or a “live” honey beer. Don’t forget to try traditional. cold refreshing beetroot soup or “balandeliai”.

Every spring and autumn, the international Kaunas Jazz Festival invites you to jazz with famous performers in a mix of familiar and non-familiar, large and small venues around the city.
No doubt that Kaunas festival according to its range and stylistic content is on the world level” (Anastasya Kostiukovich – Jazz kvadrat”, 1998, No 11-12)

During years of its existence Kaunas Jazz has deserved confidence of its performers, audience supporters, has justified the status of the international festival, gained its prestige. Polystylistic, democratic festival has become a holiday for Kaunas, the lead “importer” of jazz stars in Lithuania, the creative center of different international jazz styles. Every year Kaunas Jazz presents a wide and rich spectrum of modern jazz. Participants from different countries of the world have taken part in the festival. Kaunas Jazz doesn’t forget Lithuanian musicians as well, which get excellent possibilities to improve themselves and to make Lithuanian jazz known  worldwide.

The internationally recognized Pazaislis Classical Music Festival lasts for three months each summer and hosts stars from countries around the world. The Pažaislis Music Festival was first held in 1996 on the initiative of its Artistic Director Petras Bingelis and Coordinator Justinas Krėpšta. Very soon, the festival joined programmes initiated by the Council of Europe: the Baroque Route, the Monastic Route, and the Hanseatic Route. The Pažaislis Music Festival, lasting all summer, offers over 30 concerts of chamber, symphony, vocal and instrumental music of diverse genres and styles.

In May, we host the annual Kaunas City Days which lights up the main pedestrian street from the New Town all the way through to the Old Town with fancy dress parades, street stalls, theatre processions, concerts, fairs and other eye-catching sights. Kaunas City Day is celebrated on the 20th of May because Kazimieras Jogailaitis renewed and expanded the privileges of the city in 1463. The oldest original privilege is kept in St. Petersburg archives and its copy is kept in Kaunas City Hall.

Throughout the year, national and international orchestras, choirs, ensembles, soloists and dancers charmthe audiences in one of the many inside and outside venues. You can see opera at the Kaunas Castle Opere, National orchestras, choirs, ensembles, soloists and dancers charm the audiences in one of the many inside and outside venues. You can see opera at the Kaunas Castle Operetta, marvel at the Modern Dance Festivalor drool at the motorbikes and vintage cars exhibits of our annual Bike Show.

Visit: http://en.kaunas.lt/city

Medals By university
TTI 1 1 0 2
RSU 1 2 5 8
LMA 1 0 1 2
LSPA 0 0 2 2
LLU 3 1 5 9
DU 0 1 0 1
MRU 5 3 1 9
KTU 5 9 6 20
RTA 1 0 0 1
VU 6 7 9 22
EASS 3 1 1 5
LKA 1 0 3 4
RTU 4 5 6 15
LSU 19 19 17 55
VGTU 2 6 9 17
SU 6 2 0 8
JU 2 1 1 4
ECUST 2 1 0 3
CUPSL 2 2 1 5
CUG 7 2 2 11
NPU 2 3 1 6
VIKO 3 1 4 8
BFSU 4 4 2 10
TAU 2 2 2 6
VMU 6 5 11 22
KalmSU 0 3 0 3
TTHKK 1 0 0 1
EHU 0 0 1 1
UNN 3 3 7 13
UT 1 0 2 3
KU 2 2 5 9
Metropolia UAS 0 1 0 1
UH 0 1 1 2
LU 3 3 2 8
LSMU 3 8 2 13
WUELS 1 0 0 1
TTU 0 2 1 3